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Pura Play Red

Pura Play Red

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Come and play! Put on the popular Pura barefoot sneakers with red detail. It will complete your outfit and brighten your day.

Will it stay white? It sure will! Vegan CF+ microfiber resists dirt. Just one swipe with a cloth and they are as good as new.

And the best part? Every step will make you happy. Zero drop and wide toe will free your feet. The flexible and minimalist sole follows your movement and you enjoy a foot massage with every step.

Color your life. Come and play!

Designed by physical therapists for healthy walking and comfort
Handmade in the Czech Republic and Croatia
100% vegan
It wicks moisture away from your feet
Zero drop and flexible sole

Ethical CF+ material: Keeps your feet dry
Go to the forest. Or hike up the hill. The weather won't surprise you in these shoes.
We made the shoes for you from the European CF+ material. It doesn't just get wet from the outside, it absorbs moisture from the inside and takes it outside.
And what is the best? The CF+ material is extremely durable. We tried scratching it, attacking it with a fork - and nothing. Finally, shoes you won't kick off right away!

Mabel: Apple skins help the planet
There are many ways to help the planet. One of them smells like strudel.
Mabel is a material that is one-quarter apple waste. It looks like leather, lasts for years and helps us make more sustainable Ahinsa shoes.
This is not news. The Mabel material has been created in Tuscany since 2010 and has proven itself for cobblers and furniture manufacturers.

Sustainable material, 24% is apple waste, Strong and durable

With the German Lifo+ sole, you will enjoy city walks to the fullest. It is light and as flexible as your feet.
Wondering if it will last? We came up with that too. We have chosen an extra durable German compound that does not slip easily.

Thin and light sole, Maximum flexibility, Resistant to wear (does not slip)

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