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Chic Black

Chic Black

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How many pairs of shoes do you need to wear a different one every day?


Barefoot Chic ballet flats are a sustainable piece for fashion lovers. Instead of seven pairs, you only need one, and yet there will be new ones every day. Add ribbons and fine chains around your angle through the loop on the heel. 

And that convenience! Look forward to a spacious toe box, our thinnest sole and flexible materials that follow your movement.

Be different every day with Chic barefoot ballet flats.

Designed by physical therapists for healthy walking and comfort
Handmade in the Czech Republic and Croatia
100% vegan
Zero drop and 2mm sole
You tie a ribbon or chain around the ankle
For normal and low instep
Ribbons and chains are not included

Head into the forest. Or climb a hill. In these shoes, the weather won’t catch you off guard.

Our shoes are made from the highest quality European material CF+ (Cruelty Free High Performance material). It has increased water resistance on the outside, while on the inside it absorbs and reduces moisture.

Even better? CF+ is extremely durable. You can scratch them with a fork (we’ve tried) and you won’t see a thing. Finally, shoes that won’t get scuffed up the moment you wear them outside!

We've been looking for a lining that would look after your feet for a long time. A lining that breathes and wicks moisture away from your feet. And we found it.

It's called Cruelty Free UltraDry. It looks like leather, but it's so much better. 60% of this lining comes from corn polymer, a natural and easily recyclable material. We also love this lining for what it can do. It absorbs up to 8 times its weight in water, so your feet stay dry.

Wicks away moisture from your feet
Silky smooth to the touch
Ecological and easily recyclable material

Ballet flat outsole: Freedom for your foot
Your feet were made to do great things. That’s why we wanted a sole that was built to keep up with your every step — and we found it. Our thinnest sole measures just 2mm and flexes with your natural stride.

Feel the difference for yourself. Get natural contact with the ground while protecting your feet.

Worried about wear? Don’t be. We selected an extremely durable material that will last millions of steps. Really, we tested it out on our own feet.

Wear and abrasion-resistant
Flexible just like your feet
Thin 2mm sole for perfect, natural contact with the ground
Traction and grip even on wet surfaces


Technical parametres:

Outsole thickness 1,8 mm
Outsole material Nora®
Outer material vegan leather CF+ (microfiber)
Lining material vegan leather CF+ UltraDry (microfiber)
Maintenance recommendations When dirty, just wipe with a damp cloth.
Drop (heel) zero-drop
Variant Barefoot
Weight (1 shoe in size 40) 119 grams
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