Igor - new brand of gumboots from Spain

Igor - new brand of gumboots from Spain

At IGOR, our mission is to adorn the feet of boys and girls in not just footwear but in vibrant comfort. We are steadfast in our commitment to keeping pace with the ever-evolving trends in children's fashion. With a keen eye on the latest styles, we ensure that every pair of shoes we create is not only stylish but also a haven of comfort for the little ones.

Excitingly, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our new "Barefoot Collection." This innovative addition exemplifies our dedication to providing more options for the young adventurers stepping into the world with IGOR.

For more than four decades, beginning in 1974, Igor has passionately crafted, produced, and offered its exquisite collections of boots, jelly sandals and summer canvas styles. With each passing season, we seamlessly fuse timeless designs with innovative creations, staying attuned to the ever-evolving trends of the fashion realm.

From the inception, the essence of the MADE IN SPAIN hallmark has been rooted in comfort, presenting a diverse spectrum of colors and models. Our commitment to quality and style is unwavering, making every Igor product a testament to the enduring artistry and craftsmanship that define our brand.

Nestled in the heart of Almoradí, a charming town in the province of Alicante, Spain, our factory is a vibrant hub where tradition meets innovation. As the rhythmic sounds of Flamenco dancing echo through the air and the aroma of delicious Paella wafts in from nearby kitchens, we take pride in crafting our collections inspired by the lively spirit of this enchanting region.

Our production process seamlessly blends generations of footwear manufacturing expertise with a dynamic design team that dances to the rhythm of the latest fashion trends. The result? A final product that not only embraces practicality but also exudes an unmistakable touch of elegance. Our commitment to quality resonates with the sun-kissed beaches of Alicante, ensuring each pair of Igor footwear carries the warmth and flair of Spanish craftsmanship.

At IGOR, our dedication to fashion-forward comfort extends to every facet of your wardrobe. We believe that style knows no bounds, which is why we've curated a diverse range of footwear and accessories for every taste and occasion. From boots that embrace the changing seasons to sandals that dance with the summer breeze, and canvas shoes that blend casual with chic, we have something for every moment.

And that's not all – complementing our array of shoes, our collection of purses adds the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble. At IGOR, we invite you to explore our world of timeless style, where every step is a statement and every accessory is a celebration of your unique flair.

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