Foot alignment socks

Foot alignment socks

Foot Alignment socks relieve stress and tension in the feet, help to properly align the toes, reduce friction and irritation, relieve foot pain, improve blood circulation and give your feet and toes new energy. They help by keeping your feet and toes mobile, flexible and less painful.

Alignment socks socks are widely recommended by physiotherapists and podiatrists and mainly used as a passive supplement to existing treatment - i.e. active exercise and physiotherapy.

Foot Alignment socks are NOT intended for shoes, nor for normal walking. They are most effective when you are relaxing, when the feet are not under pressure – i.e. when sitting, lying or sleeping. 

3 easy steps to maximize the benefits of Foot Alignment Socks:

Follow the instructions and proceed slowly. In the first few days, your foot will get used to wearing them, which may be a little uncomfortable. This is caused by reflexive changes in the forefoot muscles. Regularly wearing the Socks will alleviate these feelings. In general, the more foot issues you have, the shorter the wearing time in the beginning.


  1) The embroideryfeet should point to each other when the Socks are put on.
Start with the dividers at the tip of your toes.
(wear for approx. 15-20 minutes per day, kids 5-10 minutes)

2) After a few days of wearing your Socks,
slide the dividers half way down between your toes. (wear for approx. 1 to 2 hours per day, kids 30-60 minutes)

3) Within a couple of weeks you should be able to slide the toe dividers all the way down 
between your toes providing maximum benefit and comfort to your feet. (it is possible to wear the Socks overnight while sleeping now)
Sleeping with the Socks on is not recommended for children.


Foot Alignment Socks are NOT intended for shoes, nor for normal walking. They are most effective when you are relaxing, when the feet are not under pressure – i.e. when sitting, lying down or sleeping. If sleeping with Socks is uncomfortable for you, it is not required to achieve the benefits. Follow your own feelings, take off the Socks if needed and continue wearing them the next day.

The designer says..
You do not have to stop wearing your fashion shoes or give up jogging because your feet hurt & then have to wear clunky shoes to accommodate your achy bunion.

Wear your foot alignment socks daily for a few hours or keep them on overnight and this will help to correct the misalignment of the big toe. This will also help to stretch, exercise & condition your feet helping you to feel better. Of course this will not happen in a few days. But keep wearing your Foot Alignment Socks and in a short period of time you will notice that your feet are feeling much better.

Your toes will begin to stretch & straighten out & you will be in much less pain. Foot Alignment Socks can be used as a non-surgical treatment for bunions, hammer toes, crooked toes, heel pain & general foot comfort. They can also help to reduce the need for surgical intervention. They help you by keeping your feet & toes mobile, flexible & less painful.

Reading testimonials from different people I have come to the conclusion that these Foot Alignment socks are used by people from all walks of life who have different taste for looks, feel and touch. Although we can not make sock for everyone’s liking, we try to please most and make it interesting for others. Pick a color complimentary to your jammies and sleep in style.

I remember times when the people of the Republic of China were wearing gray jackets causing the colorless nation to look sad and dull. That was then.

I was in China several years ago. On a rainy morning people were rushing to work in their red, green, yellow, purple, and all color raincoats. They looked happy.

I want our socks to reflect happiness with their playful colors and clean looks. You may say what, these are just socks, who cares what color they are. Oh, no! These are the Original Foot Alignment Socks. When you look at your feet while wearing your favorite color socks you should feel happy to know that you are good to yourself.

You are taking care of the part of your body which has been neglected and abused for many years. Day after day we wear improperly fitting, pointy, high heel shoes. We jog, ski, play ball and continuously complain of achy feet. The pain goes beyond just soaking them. You knew there is nothing pathologically wrong with your feet. So you just put up with it.


The Foot Alignment Socks is your answer!

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