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Naboso Technology



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The modern world demands that we go through the world in mostly close-toed shoes. While these protect our feet, they also inhibit their natural range of motion - particularly our toes. Over time this can lead to discomfort, blisters and even injuries if not addressed in time.

The all-new Naboso Splay help restore a natural range of motion to your toes, improve foot function and recover your feet.

Recommended for:

Stretching and releasing the toes after long hours in shoes
Supporting natural toe alignment for hammertoes and bunions
Improving foot splay which can minimize neuroma pain
Stretching the plantar fascia and minimizing plantar fasciitis or arch pain
Anyone looking for healthy foot alignment
Improvements on our NEW Splay include:

Higher quality material
Easier to clean
More resilient / longer lasting
Widened hallux strap to improve comfort
Beautifully branded
We recommend starting 30 minutes a day then gradually increase time based on comfort. Can be worn in shoes such as natural shaped or wide toe boxes footwear.

Wash frequently and carefully remove from feet to extend life of product

Each pack includes: 1 pair of toe spacers each with small carrying bag + video series with programming

*One size fits all foot sizes*


100% medical grade gel which in non-toxic and odorless. Contains no BPA, latex, lead, or phthalates. Waterproof, closed-cell gel which is easy to clean and more durable.

Wash warm water with soap and air dry. Recommended cleaning once a week.

Designed in USA. Manufactured in China.

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